January image2016

Downsizing – Stress or Excitement?

My husband Cliff and I have taken a monumental decision to downsize.

We want to enjoy the everyday experiences of being free to spend more time with family and friends, not to spend so much time maintaining a large house and having free time to enjoy our hobbies and travel more.
For this aim, the need for stages. The first one is to start looking at all our material goods stored in the house, looking at why we store items in the house, loft and shed waiting for them to be of use one day and reducing them to a more manageable number. Choosing what we keep will be based on three things
Do we love them, do we need them or do they give us good emotions(memories)?

So you may see items for sale, or items to be given away or donated to charities and activity groups.

Hopefully, our family and friends will be on board with us and be part of our journey.

2016 will be a year of excitement and enjoyment. What will yours be?

Update Nov 2018

Plans went well, we moved, we shifted loads of stuff but more still needs to go. I still ask myself do I need this? Will my children thank me for leaving so much stuff? Would I be happier, lighter, freer without it or is it our comfort zone. A safe haven from the world today.

Glass Sculptures

The walled garden    The walled garden

Last year two new sculptures had been put on display for sale at  The walled nursery  Hawkhurst, Kent. The one on the left has now sold but the other remains and hopefully now my new studio is nearly up and running they will be joined by others throughout this year. Go visit the gardens, having a cup of tea and cake or lunch in their wonderful cafe.


Commissioning a piece of Art

Have you ever commissioned  apiece of art or undertook a commission? As an Artist there is always a dilemma as to whether you stick to the art you know and can undertake or to challenge yourself and your skills by undertaking a  commission.

The design for the latest finished commission started out as a version of my work exhibited at The Stables Art Gallery, Hastings. However with further consultation with the clients the design was completely changed to fit more of the client’s likes and hone conditions which resulted in a specified colour range- different to my normal colours.

I will not deny that it caused several minor headaches designing a free abstract design to incorporate a clock. All sorts had to be considered, glass type, style and flow. On several occasions I was going to accept defeat but something kept me going and thanks to some Personal development training (Reinvention with a twist of lemon) with Elaine Copeland  and Victoria Wilken I succeeded and resulted in very happy clients. (They have agreed for the picture to be posted)

So my point is give yourself challenges, push your limits a little, be brave because it can bring unexpected rewards.

Fused glass clock
Red, Black, White abstract fused glass


Respect comes in all forms, however recently I have thought about how life can bloom or degenerate if respect gets forgotten in all aspects of your life.

Family – When did you last properly listen to your partner, wife, husband, sibling, parent and not switch off because you could not be bothered to listen anymore but wondered why no on pays you attention when you demand something.

Business – When did you last thank your customer and listen to his or her needs? Were you genuine in your thanks or just perfunctory in your response. Do you want repeat business, if so respect your client. I was genuinely pleased when I  recently pesonally thanked and it was only a small order.

Networking – Have you interrupted someone just so that you can say your piece because you think it is more important than the person you are interrupting. Did you respect that this person may have respected others by waiting to say something then get rudely interrupted when they started. It may have taken them ages to pluck up courage to say something and may never find this courage again. If you about to interrupt, pause, think, then allow the person speak first then speak afterwards.

Social Media Do you join groups, look at the criteria then dismiss it thinking it does not apply to you? If a site says no advertising then find a group that accepts it, don’t dis-respect them by posting unwanted items.

Finally, having recently undertaken a brilliant personal development day(Re-invention with a twist of Lemon) with Elaine and Victoria it has made me realise that when you do respect yourself and others, then they will respect you.

I am going to practice respect daily, how about giving it a go, see the difference in you and make 2015 a much happier place.

Respect poster
Respect yourself

Reflection on 2014

Close up detail
Body panel with glass stringers by Julie Willard, Glass Artist.

Head, Heart and Hand is the strap line for Pestalozzi Village and I think this is a very good base for everyone to follow, here is my interpretation.

Head – Free your head of negative thoughts and in their place fill with positive thoughts which are more creative, more pleasant and more productive.

Heart – Follow your heart more often, not what other people think you should do. Being yourself, releases good vibes and happy thoughts making you a happy person ready to accept what life throws at you.

Hand – Give more than receive. Practice the art of gratitude and watch how you grow as a person.

So in short, Learn to be Happy in yourself, others will see it and reflect it and even pass to others. So let’s make 2014 a year to remember and 2015 a year to look forward to.

Happy Christmas to all my family, friends, customers, fellow business colleagues.

8 Months Gestation and giving thanks

No I am not about to give birth, but it is the period since I left a job which caused me intense stress and affected my health. These past months have made me look at what I want, what I need and how I want to live my life now.

Have you thought about changing your career, job, house but keep telling yourself that you couldn’t possibly. Well it is possible and there are  some fantastic people out there who I have met on my journey that can help you on your journey, you do not have to do it alone. Network groups are great for building confidence and relationships, actually meeting up with people who have experience and knowledge. Internet research is valuable for background knowledge but you cannot beat actually talking, discussing and sharing.

I was going to list all who have helped me however this may lead to missing someone out. So I say a big thank you to all who have helped me on my continuing journey of discovery. private message me if you would like to know my contacts.

My current Glass art work is at The Stables Gallery, The Bourne, Hastings.

Know, Trust & Believe

How do you relate to someone new? Has that person been introduced personally or recommended by another. Do you trust them instantly or does time and knowledge create trust?

This question also relates to new business partners. What makes you work with a person or Company. I believe if someone introduces you then they must believe in them so that is a good starting point of trust. If you start talking regularly then your belief and trust grows organically or you move on if things don’t click. So Know, Trust, Believe are very powerful words.

Having worked with 17 other artists over the past few weeks creating an art show called the Inspired Emporium. It has been an interesting practice of getting to know new people and finding out what makes them successful.  We may all be artists but We all work and behave differently which is great. I look forward to working with them again.

So the process starts again this time a new show with my husband Cliff Willard, Heather Hookey and Maureen Connett. We are displaying work at The Stables Theatre, The Bourne, Hastings, TN34 3BD .

Come along and leave a comment in our visitors book so that we can start to build a relationship.

Sea Waves prep
Sea Waves in preparation before firing

Replace Fear with Excitement

I was given this good advice recently and what excellent advice it was. Whenever I feel that fear and anxiety taking hold then I convert it to excitement of the upcoming event or project in hand. The power of excitement so outweighs the power of fear. The first is very positive and allows you to control what and when you want to do something. Fear is negative and controls you.

I love being in control of my life. During the last six months of my new life as an artist I have discovered some wonderful support friends, support networks and the power of learning and application of that learning.

So today was the first day of my second Fused glass art exhibition along with my husband Cliff (Fused Glass) and fellow painters:Heather Hookey and Maureen Connett.

Come along and see for yourself at The Stables Art Gallery, The Bourne Hastings. It’s open until Sat 29th November 2014.
Open Mon-Friday, 10-2pm & 6-8pm
Sat 10-2pm
Plus before and during intervals when the Theatre is in play.

Below is some of the driftwood we collected to use in theexhibition. See if you can recognise it when you visit.

Driftwood collected from Bexhill beach

Getting your art sold?

I wonder how is the best way of selling your art? I have seen many  websites, Instagrams, Flickr and such like but do people really buy from these outlets? I  believe that actually seeing and even touching a piece of art connects people to the artwork.  So to all my artist friends and admirers, I ask a question, is showing alone a good way or mixing with other artists at a group show?

I  am joining a group of artists as part of “The Inspired Emporium” show, to show my work at the Stade Hall from September 26th.11am to 5 pm daily.


The Inspired emporium rear of postcard
20 artists collaboration










So come along, see my art and/or  give me an opinion as to which is the best way.